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Expenditure and employment in Internal R&D activities - Year 2015
Indicator Note Value Variation
Internal R&D expenditure 13,171,807 2.7
Employed personnel Total 1 200,866 0.3
Employed personnel Women 2 81,297 1.7
Researchers. Total 2 122,437 0.2
Researchers. Women 2 47,729 1.3
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
    • Thousands of euros
    • Personas en equivalencia a jornada completa

The Statistic on scientific research and technological development (R&D) activities has the main objective of measuring economic and human resources for research by all the economic sectors of the country (companies, public institutions, higher education institutions and private non-profit institutions) with the aim to:

  • To provide an instrument for management, planning, decision-making and control in terms of national scientific policy.
  • To provide statistical bodies with the information that they request, obtained in accordance with the international regulations that allow for comparability between the different countries.
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Year 2015 Published: 24/11/2016
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