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Movimiento de asuntos - Year 2016
Indicator Note Asuntos civiles Asuntos penales
Asuntos ingresados 870,465 795,478
Asuntos resueltos 874,099 797,180

The Magistrates' Court Statistics provides results of the judicial activity of the Magistrates' Courts in the Civil and Criminal areas, excluding, since 2007, the possible activity linked to the functions of the Civil Registry.

On the Civil area, the movement of issues incurred in the year (admitted and decided cases) as well as the typology of matters resolved (oral proceedings, civil rogatory, acts of conciliation and other matters) are studied. In criminal area, the movement of matters incurred (admitted and decided cases) and the typology of the resolved cases (cases involving minor offenses, criminal rogatory, pre-trial and other matters) are studied.

This statistical operation is undertaken in collaboration with the General Council of the Spanish Judiciary by virtue of the Agreement signed by the National Statistics Institute and this body on 14 February 1995.

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Year 2016 Published: 25/04/2017
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