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  • From quarter 1/2005 to last published quarter

    • Questionnaire same model for all periods (PDF format)
    • Register design and valid values (XLS compressed format)

    Aviso a usuarios: con fecha 7 de septiembre de 2018 se ha modificado el fichero del segundo trimestre de 2018, para corregir 13 registros que se detectaron con un valor erróneo en el municipio de residencia un año antes (variable MUNRE).

  • From quarter 1/199 to quarter 4/2004

    • (formatPDF)
    • Register design and valid values (XLS compressed format)


    In order to download the microdata files included in this section, their variables are anonymised by standard policy. If the information contained in these files were not enough, users may request an anonymised file, with a greater beakdown in some variables. When this deaggregation is possible, an economic charge will be billed toward time of study and programming; the acceptance of the corresponding terms of use will also be necessary.