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Greenhouse gas emissions - Year 2015
Indicator Note Value Variation
Total 338,631.8 3.5
Carbon dioxide 279,275.1 6.4
Methane 32,219.8 2.3
Nitrous oxide 16,630.3 0.8
Other GHG 10,506.5 -36.7
  • Value: thousands of tonnes of equivalent CO2. Variation: Percentage over the previous year

The objective of the Environmental Accounts (EA) is to integrate the environmental information in a coherent way in the central system of National Accounts. They include a set of satellite accounts, with annual transmission, compiled using the accounting formats applicable to the different sectoral and territorial areas, with a strong presence of physical data. They show the interaction between the economy, households and environmental factors.

The Air Emissions Accounts present data regarding the polluting emissions into the atmosphere, in a way that is compatible with the National Accounts System, registering the emitting agents, broken down by branch of economic activity and households sector as final consumers.

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Year 2015 Published: 28/11/2017
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