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    • This system allows the composition of tables with crosses of variables that are not covered by the standard tables. In any case, account must always be taken of the general Frontur-Egatur methodology, given that in many cases crosses between variables that are not significant may be obtained as the survey is not designed to provide information at this level of detail.

      Due to the large number of classification variables with respect to the sample size, for very detailed crossing, information is not available. It is recommended to cross only two or three variables and select the category Total for the rest of them. Before presenting the table, the percentage of cells which data are not available due to lack of backup sample is indicated. If this percentage is over 50% the table is not displayed.

      To make the display more user-friendly, it is recommended to change the presentation of the table and keep in the columns the classification variables for which the only selected category is the Total.

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