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SubirBasic Demographic Indicators

Objective: to provide indicators that enable analysis of intensity and main features of basic demographic phenomena regarding the population resident in Spain.

Variables studied: gross and specific rates, indicators of intensity and calendar, aging and dependency indices, etc. by Autonomous Community, province, sex, age or nationality (Spanish and foreign).

Results available: from 1975.

National, Autonomous, Provincial, EU

INE yearly


TopFertility survey

Objective: to obtain information on the demographic features of women of child-bearing age (from 15 to 49 years), on their social and family environment and on factors influencing fertility.

Variables studied: fertility in women by age, marital status, profession, place of residence and number of children.

Studies conducted: 1977, 1985 and 1999. Only available 1999.

National, Autonomous INE Irregular

TopMortality Tables

Objective: to analyse the incidence of mortality in the population studied, thereby enabling an acceptable description of the phenomenon for short periods of time, close to the time of compilation.

Variables studied: population, theoretical deaths, likelihood of death, likelihood of life or survival, life expectancy and survival by age groups.

Conducted since: 1945. Available since 1998/99.

National, Autonomous INE Irregular


TopMost common first names and surnames

Objective: to obtain the most common surnames and first names on the basis of the information provided by the Statistical use of the Municipal Register and the Birth Statistics, which is a part of the Vital Statistics.

Variables studied: surnames of residents in Spain by province of birth and province of residence; first names of residents in Spain by province of residence, province and decade of birth, sex and country of nationality; most common names of newborns by Autonomous Community and sex.

Results available: from 2002.

INE Yearly