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SubirSocial indicators

Objective: to offer a concise measurement of the welfare of the population and of its determining factors, and the comparison in time, among social groups and among territories.

Variables studied: population, family, education, work, science and technology, income, distribution and consumption, social protection, health, housing, environment, culture and leisure, social cohesion by temporal distribution, social groups and geographical distribution.

Conducted since: 1991. Available since 2003


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TopHousehold income and expenditure analysis

Objective: to make known the theoretical models most frequently used in the study of phenomena such as poverty or social exclusion, as well as to carry out in-depth analyses of the socioeconomic situation of households in Spain. The main sources of information to be used will be the Living Conditions Survey (LCS) and the Family Budget Surveys (FBS).

Variables studied: various circumstances related to poverty: incidence, depth, distribution according to population characteristics: sex, age, activity.

Conducted since: 1945. Available since 1998/99.

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TopSurvey on households and the environment. 2008

Objective: study the habits, consumption trends and attitudes of households as regards the environment

Variables studied: variables related to water, energy, waste, equipment and their use relating to the environment, noise and bad smells, transport and mobility, lifestyles and consumption trends.

Studies conducted: year 2008.

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Compiled in partnership with other bodies Scope Source Frequency IOE Code
Women and Men in Spain

Objective: To reflect, via a selection of indicators, the situation of men and women in all social and political areas, analysing their interrelations, differences in their access to and use of resources, their activities, and their reactions to change, interventions and politics.

Variables studied: Set of variables relating to population and family, education, employment, income, health, crime and violence, power and decision-making.

Conducted since: 2006. Available since 2006. Conducted in partnership with the Institute for Women

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