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Statistical operations compiled by the INE Scope Source Frequency IOE Code
TopCentral Business Register: Statistical use

Objective: to gather, in a single information system, all Spanish enterprises and their local units located within the national territory. The basic goal is to make it possible to carry out economic surveys by sampling.

Variables studied enterprises and local units, by localisation, employee stratum, legal condition and branch of activity.

Conducted since: 1995. Available since 1999.

INE yearly 30203
TopHarmonized Business Demographics
  Objective: to provide aggregated information regarding the population of companies located in the country, considering the aspects linked to business dynamism and applying a methodology agreed on within the scope of the European Union.

Variables studied: stock of active companies, creation, survival and demise of companies, by economic activity, number of employees and legal form.

Conducted since: 2008. Available since 2008.
National INE yearly 30204
TopBusiness Turnover Index
  Objective: to measure the short-term evolution of turnover for the non-financial economic sectors (Extractive and manufacturing industries, Electrical energy and water, Trade and Non-financial services).

Variables: Turnover.

Carried out since: 2014. Available since 2002.
National INE monthly


TopBusiness Confidence Indicators
  Objetive: Obtain information through stratified-sampling surveys on the evolution of given economic variables over time, and on the expectations or perspectives for the future.

Variables studied: Situation and expectations regarding business performance.

Conducted since: Second quarter of 2012.

Autonomous Community (as of 2013)

INE quarterly


TopShort-Term Stock and Inventory Survey
  Objetive: to provide the necessary information in order to obtain a short-term indicator measuring the evolution of the value of the stock level in trade and industry.

Variables studied: Supply index by activity sector.

Carried out since: 2015. Available since 2013.


INE quarterly


Top Mercantile Companies

Objective: to offer monthly information on the companies created, the companies dissolved, and those in which changes in capital have taken place.

Variables studied: the number and social capital of the companies created, dissolved or modifying their capital, by legal condition of the company, capital bracket and type of company.

Conducted since: 1938. Available since 1995.

INE monthly 30151
Top Bankruptcy proceedings statistics
  Objective: to provide quarterly information on the number of debtors processed and some of their main characteristics, from information collected monthly in the new Mercantile Courts, Courts of First Instance, and Courts of First Instance and Trial with mercantile competence.

Variables studied: the number of debtors processed, type of process, type of procedure and existence of anticipated proposals of agreement and their content.

Conducted since: 2004. Available since 2004.
National, Autonomous INE quarterly 30219
SubirOutward FATS
  Objective: Research on main structural and economic characteristics of companies and all affiliates located abroad which are controlled by a resident unit in Spain's economy.

Variables studied: Turnover, number of persons employed and number of companies according to different groupings of CNAE-2009 for the activity of affiliates and country of residence of affiliates.

Conducted since: 2009. Available since 2009.
National INE yearly


TopInward FATS

Objective: provide information that is precise, reliable and opportune, of the main characteristics and economic indicators that determine the structure and activity of affiliates of foreign companies located in Spain, in both the industrial sector and the services sector.

Variables studied: number of companies, by employed persons, main magnitudes (turnover, production, added value, purchasing,...) and indicators (productity, average salary,...), broken down by type of control, activity and size.

Conducted since: 2008. Available since 2008.

INE yearly 30227
TopAccess by Companies to Finance
  Objective: obtaining information, on a European level, regarding the ease of access by companies to finance, of the different types of finance requested, the relevance of various factors and prospects for the future.

Variables studied: various features relating to access to finance (degree of success in securing it, guarantees, cost and burden necessary of securing it, reason for lack of finance, etc.) and different CNAE-2009 groupings (size and growth of companies).

Studies conducted: 2010.
Average INE sporadic 30231