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Of a general nature
BallGeneral ordering
BallUnits, classifications and nomenclatures
BallICT, data protection and statistical secrecy
Demographic and social statistics
BallDemographics and population
BallWork and salaries
Ball Education and Culture
BallHealth and consumer protection
BallStandard, quality and conditions of life
BallSecurity and justice
Company statistics
Ball Annual company statistics
Ball Company short-term statistics
Ball Energy
Ball Transport and communications
Ball Catering and tourism
Ball Economic records
Macroeconomic statistics
Ball Economic accounts
Ball Financial and monetary statistics
Ball Control of actual EU resources
Ball Prices (consumer and puchasing power parity)
Ball Foreign trade in goods
Ball Foreign services trade and Balance of Payments
Statistics on agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing
Ball Agrarian structure and soil use
Ball Agrarian production
Ball Livestock
Ball Forestry
Ball Fishing
Multidisciplinary statistics
Ball Environment
Ball Research, technological development and innovation
Ball Information Society
Ball Geographical and local information