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1Nota prensa Elecciones municipales 24/05/2015. Voto ciudadanos de países con acuerdos para elecciones municipales .23Environmental accounts. Material Flow Account Year 20124Estadísticas del Movimiento Natural de Población 2013 (Definitivos) y Semestre 1/2014 (Provisionales).
Vital Statistics December 2013.
Life Tables Year 2013.
Basic Demographic Indicators Year 2013.
Export (IPRIX) and Import (IPRIM) Price Indices of Industrial Products October 2014
5Employment of Persons with Disabilities Year 2013.
Industrial Production Index October 2014
89Housing Price Index Quarter 3/201410Population Figures (in project phase) 01/01/2014 (Definitivos) y 01/07/2014 (Provisionales).
Estadística de Migraciones 2013 (Definitivos) y Semestre 1/2014 (Provisionales).
Harmonised Labour Cost Index Quarter 3/2014.
Mercantile Companies October 2014
11Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights October 201412Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices November 2014.
Consumer Price Index November 2014
15Passenger Transport Statistics October 201416Unpaid Bills of Exchange October 201417Quarterly Labour Cost Survey Quarter 3/2014.
Survey on the Structure of Agricultural Operations Year 2013
18Industrial Companies Survey Year 2013.
Services Sector Price Index Quarter 3/2014
19Spanish Regional Accounts. Base 2010. Serie 2010-2013.
Spanish National Accounts. Base 2010. Accounts charts Serie 1995-2013.
Industrial New Orders Received Index October 2014.
Industrial Turnover Index October 2014.
Services Sector Activity Indicators October 2014
22Foreclosure Statistics Quarter 3/2014.
Hotel Tourism Short-Term Trends (HOS/HPI/ADR/REVPAR) November 2014
23Business Turnover Index October 2014.
Industrial Price Index November 2014.
Mortgages October 2014
2930Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices. HICP advance estimate December 2014.
Consumer Price Index. CPI (Flash Estimate) December 2014.
Retail Trade Indices November 2014.
Non-hotel Tourist Accommodation Occupancy Survey (TAOS) November 2014
Indicator      Period Value Variation (%)Interannual variation rate  
CPI 2014M11 104.079 -0.4 More detailed information
EAPs Employed (thou.)   2014Q3 17,504 0.87 More detailed information
EAPs Unemployment rate 1 2014Q3 23.67 -1.98 More detailed information
GDP 2 2014Q3 97.6 1.6 More detailed information
Total population (thou.) 3 2014 46,464.1 - 0.28 More detailed information
1 Value as a %. The variation is the difference as compared with the rate for the same period the previous year.
2 Chained-linked volume measures, referring to the year 2010. Seasonal and calendar effects adjusted data
3 Population Figures at 1st July 2014. Provisional data.