National Statistics Institute

 Lector de textoLaw 4/1996, of 10 January, modifying Law 7/1985, of 2 April, Regulator of the Lo-cal Regimen Bases, in relation to the Municipal Register, establishes that the Ge-neral Administration of the State will compile a Register of Spaniards resident abraod (RSRA). Persons recorded in this Register will be considered residents of the Spanish municipality shown in the their record details for the purposes of exercising their entitlement to vote, which under no circumstances constitutes the population of the municipality.

In turn, the Regulation on Population and Territorial Demarcation of Local Enti-ties establishes that the RSRA will be formed of the existing data in the Register of each Consular Office or Section of the Diplomatic Missions and that Consular Offices and Sections shall submit to the National Statistics Institute (INE) the in-formation necessary for the compilation and maintenance of a central file of Spaniards residents abroad.

Since the year 2009, statistical information has been published from the central file of the RSRA, at annual intervals and with reference to 1st January each year.