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Foto Lector de texto The European Union Household Panel (EUHP) belongs to the ever more complete set of harmonised statistical operations for European Union countries. In this case, given the previous inexistence of fixed household panels in Spain and in the majority of participating countries, harmonisation has occurred since the start of the project.

Carrying this out during the period 1994-2001 has facilitated the European Commission having a first class statistical instrument available to follow up ocial cohesion in the relevant territory, the study of population needs and the impact of social and economic policies on households and persons as well as or the design of new policies.

Once the eight cycles have been completed, a global filtering of information and revision of the tables corresponding to the ears 1996-1999 has been carried out. In the available section Other information, tables that have been in force up to this revision process may be consulted.

A new survey has been started as of 2004, the Quality of Life Survey