National Statistics Institute

Foto Lector de texto The Quarterly non-financial accounts for the institutional sectors (QNFAIS) aim to describe the behaviour of the different institutional units that compose the national economy (households and non-profit institutions serving households, non-financial corporate enterprises, financial institutions and public administrations) and the relationship between the behaviour of the former and of the units that form the rest of the world.

The QNFAIS is part of a global objective that will conclude with the compilation of an annual and quarterly accounts system for the European Union and the Euro area. The system includes the main macro-economic aggregates and the quarterly financial and non-financial accounts for the institutional sectors. The goal is to provide coherence between all the series of accounts and, in relation to the accounts for the rest of the world, between the data for the balance of payments and those from the national accounts.

The QNFAIS are compiled in line with European Parliament and Council Regulation 1161/2005. However, the conceptual framework and the regulations on which they are based are in keeping with the principles established in the European System of National and Regional Accounts (SEC-10), updated with the amendments that, after their implementation, have been included as European Parliament and Council Regulations