National Statistics Institute

 Lector de textoThe Survey on Access by Companies to Finance (SACF) is a single statistical operation, carried out for reference year 2010 In 20 EU countries, with a common questionnaire and the same methodology.

Its fundamental objective is to have information available regarding the problems and limitations of companies being able to access finance, analysing the different alternatives and types of financing, and evaluating their situation in the reference period, the year 2010, the changes as compared with the situation in 2007 and their future prospects, such that information requirements on the subject may be fulfilled.

The target population is formed of around 96,000 industrial, construction and non-financial services companies. In order to conduct this survey, a sample containing 3.000 units has been selected.

Information is provided on the main variables relating to access to finance in terms of percentage and results are provided both on a global level and by economic activity (industry, construction and services) and by type of company according to growth (gazelles, high-growth companies (except gazelles) and remaining companies included in the population objective of the survey).