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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the evolution of the set of prices of goods and services that the population resident in Spanish family dwellings consumes. Information relating to the CPI has a great demand in society and for this reason in this section various links that provide access to the CPI in one click have been grouped.

Practical information

Would you like to update a personal income or spending? This section calculates the update of an income or spending with the CPI for the selected month for you by just introducing the quantity to update and the years you are interested in.

How much has the CPI varied since....?  This section provides a very easy program to calculate the CPI variation between two periods.  

Telematic issue of CPI certificates. Through the Electronic Headquarters of the National Statistics Institute you can get hold of a CPI certificate telematically, by making a payment for the corresponding tax via the state Tax Agency's tax payment system.

Consumer Price Index. Last informative note. General CPI. That contains the annual variations from the national general CPI over the last 13 months.


Technical information

Consumer Price Index (CPI) on INEbase. Very detailed information of the CPI: monthly series, annual series, methodological documents, ...

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) on INEbase. The HICP is a statistical indicator that provides a common measurement of inflation between European Union countries. This sections contains the methodology and detailed results.

Updating rents with the CPI (ULA) This document contains the formula to update rental income.