National Statistics Institute de noticias RSS del Instituto Nacional de EstadísticaSun, 19 Nov 2017 06:03:23 CET del INE17 November 17. Competitiveness Guarantee Index. CGICGI. September 2017. The INE publishes the Competitiveness Guarantee Index. The Annual change for September corresponds -1.44%. <a href=";cid=1259947704944&amp;pagename=ProductosYServicios%2FPYSLayout&amp;p=1254735893337&amp;L=1" >More detailed information</a>14 November 17. Consumer Price Index. CPI October 2017. The annual change of the CPI for the month of October stands at 1.6%, two tenths less than the previous month. The annual change of core inflation decrease three tenths at 0.9%. <a href=";cid=1254736176802&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>14 November 17. Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices. HICP October 2017. The annual change of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices stands at 1.7%, which decreases one tenth in relation to the month of September. <a href=";cid=1254736176803&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>13 November 17. Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights. STPR September 2017. In September 2017, the number of property transfers is 135,170, 1.8% more than the same month the previous year. The annual rate of merchanting of dwellings increases 11.0%, as compared with September 2016. <a href=";cid=1254736171438&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576757" >More detailed information</a>13 November 17. Passenger Transport Statistics. PT September 2017. The number of passengers using public transport decreases by 0,8% in September, as compared with the same month of the year 2016. City transport decreases by 0.4% in the annual rate and inter-city transport decreases 1.1%. <a href=";cid=1254736176906&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576820" >More detailed information</a>8 November 17. EAPS. Wage decile of the main job Wage decile of the main job. Year 2016. In 2016, average monthly wage (in gross terms) was 1,878.1€, 0.8% decrease than that of 2015. <a href=";cid=1254736176918&amp;menu=resultados&amp;secc=1254736195128&amp;idp=1254735976595" >More detailed information</a>8 November 17. Mercantile Companies. MC September 2017. 6,154 mercantile companies were created in September, 9.2% less than in the same month of 2016, and 1,107 were dissolved, 9.5% less. The Autonomous Communities with the greatest business dynamism is Principado de Asturias (23.6%), Comunidad de Madrid(10.5%) and País Vasco (5.1%). <a href=";cid=1254736177026&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576606" >More detailed information</a>8 November 17. Industrial Production Index. IPI September 2017. The monthly variation stands at 0.1%, after adjusting the seasonal and calendar effects. The annual rate of the Industrial Production Index stands at 3.4% in the series adjusted for the seasonal and calendar effects and at 0.2% in the original series. <a href=";cid=1254736145519&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576715" >More detailed information</a>6 November 17. SNA Base 2010. Supply and use tables. Year 2014SNA Base 2010. The INE publishes the Spanish National Accounts. Base 2010. Supply and use tables. Year 2014. <a href=";cid=1254736165950&amp;menu=resultados&amp;secc=1254736195578&amp;idp=1254735576581" >More detailed information</a>6 November 17. Bankruptcy Proceedings Statistics. BPS Third quarter 2017. The number of debtors processed decreases by 12.4% in the annual rate in the third quarter of 2017. 37.5% of the companies declared bankrupt have Trade or Construction as their main activity. <a href=";cid=1254736177018&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576606" >More detailed information</a>3 November 17. Elections to the Parliament of Cataluña on 21 December 2017,553,983 voters will be able to vote in the elections to the Parliament of Cataluña. Those voters resident abroad who wish to vote must apply to vote by 22 November. The electoral census will be available for query from 3 to 10 December. <a href=";c=Page&amp;cid=1259950593733&amp;p=1259950593733&amp;pagename=CensoElectoral%2FINELayout" >More detailed information</a>3 November 17. Tourist Expenditure Survey. Egatur September 2017. The total expenditure of international tourists who visit Spain increases in September a 12.3% compared with the same month of the previous year. Average spending stands at 144 euros, 6.6% more than in September 2016. <a href=";cid=1254736177002&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863" >More detailed information</a>3 November 17. Export and Import Price Indices for Industrial Products September 2017. The annual variation rate of the IPRIX stands at 3.1%, one tenth lower than in August. The annual rate of the IPRIM is 3.6%, one tenth lower than that registered in the previous month. <a href=";cid=1254736148943&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576715" >More detailed information</a>31 October 17. Statistics on the Collection and Treatment of Waste on the Collection and Treatment of Waste. 466.4 kilograms of urban waste per person are collected in 2015, that is, 1.6% more than the previous year. The final treatment of waste reaches 47.5 million tonnes, 4.6% less than in 2014. (Update at 03/11/2017) <a href=";cid=1254736176844&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976612" >More detailed information</a>31 October 17. Statistics on the generation of waste on the generation of waste. Year 2015. In 2015, the service sector generated 5.4 million tonnes of non-hazardous waste and 0.3 million tonnes of hazardous waste <a href=";cid=1254736176841&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976612" >More detailed information</a>31 October 17. Non-Hotel Accommodation Occupancy. TAOS Accommodation Occupancy. TAOS. September 2017. Overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation increased 7.2% in September as compared with the same month of previous year.<br/><a href=";cid=1254736176962&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">HDOS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176961&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">COS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176963&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">RTOS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176964&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">Hostels. HsOS</a>31 October 17. Tourist Movement on Borders. Frontur September 2017. In September, Spain receives 8.8 millions of international tourists, 11.4% more as compared with the same month in the previous year. <a href=";cid=1254736176996&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863" >More detailed information</a>30 October 17. Gross Domestic Product. GDP Flash estimate Flash estimate. 3rd Quarter 2017. Gross Domestic Product registers variation of 0.8% in the third quarter of 2017. The interannual variation is 3.1%. <a href=";cid=1254736164439&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576581" >More detailed information</a>30 October 17. Consumer Price Index. CPI flash estimated flash estimated. October 2017. The annual change of the flash estimate of the CPI stands at 1.6% in October, two tenth lower than that registered in September. <a href=";cid=1254736176802&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>30 October 17. Harmonized Consumer Price Index. HICP flash estimated flash estimated. October 2017. The annual change of the HICP flash estimate is 1.7%. <a href=";cid=1254736176803&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>27 October 17. International Trade in Services Survey. ITSS 2016. In 2016, Services exports increase by 7.8% and imports increase by 7.4%. 45.9% of imports are generated by companies which belong to a Spanish business group, and 41.9% of imports by companies controlled by a foreign business group. <a href=";cid=1254736174702&amp;menu=resultados&amp;secc=1254736195218&amp;idp=1254735576778" >More detailed information</a>27 October 17. Retail Trade Indices. RTI September 2017. The monthly change of the Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at 0.4% after adjusting the calendar and seasonal effects. The annual rate of the General Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at 2.1% in the adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects series and at 2.2% in the original serie. <a href=";cid=1254736176900&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576799" >More detailed information</a>27 October 17. Mortgages. M August 2017. The number of mortgages constituted on dwellings recorded in land registries in August stands at 26,583, 29.1% more than that of the same month of 2016. The average value of these mortgages increases by 0.7% in the annual rate, standing at 111,488 euros. <a href=";cid=1254736170236&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576757" >More detailed information</a>26 October 17. Economically Active Population Survey. EAPS Third Quarter 2017. Employment registers an increase of 235,900 persons in this quarter as compared with the second quarter (1.25%), reaching a total of 19,049,200 employed persons. The number of unemployed persons decreases by 182,600 persons this quarter (-4.66%), standing at 3,731,700 persons. <a href=";cid=1254736176918&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976595" >More detailed information</a>26 October 17. Economically Active Population Flows. EAPF Economically Active Population Flows. Third Quarter 2017. The INE publishes the data corresponding to the third quarter of 2017. <a href=";cid=1254736176907&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976595" >More detailed information</a>