National Statistics Institute de noticias RSS del Instituto Nacional de EstadísticaMon, 19 Mar 2018 09:05:53 CET del INE19 March 18. Competitiveness Guarantee Index. CGICGI. January 2018. The INE publishes the Competitiveness Guarantee Index. The Annual change for January corresponds -1.18%. <a href=";cid=1259947704944&amp;pagename=ProductosYServicios%2FPYSLayout&amp;p=1254735893337&amp;L=1" >More detailed information</a>16 March 18. Quarterly Labour Cost Survey. QLCS Fourth Quarter 2017. The labour cost of companies increases 0.7% in the fourth quarter of 2017, as compared with the same period of 2016, standing at 2,668.84 euros. Wage cost by worker and month increases 0.5% and reaches 2,020.14 euros on average. In turn, other costs increase by 1.5%, standing at 648.70 euros per worker and per month. <a href=";cid=1254736045053&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976596" >More detailed information</a>16 March 18. Services Sector Prices Index. SSPI Fourth Quarter 2017. Advertising prices recorded an annual rate of -0.1%, four and a half points higher than the third quarter of 2017. The annual rate of Scheduled passenger air transport decreases more than a half point and stands at -1.2%. <a href=";cid=1254736176864&amp;menu=resultados&amp;idp=1254735576778" >More detailed information</a>14 March 18. Women and Men in SpainThe chapter on Wages, income, social cohesion, in the Women and Men in Spain publication, has been updated. <a href=";c=INEPublicacion_C&amp;cid=1259924822888&amp;p=1254735110672&amp;pagename=ProductosYServicios%2FPYSLayout&amp;param1=PYSDetalleGratuitas" >More detailed information</a>14 March 18. Statistics on Transfer of Property Rights. STPR January 2018. In January 2018, the number of property transfers is 176,911, 13.2% more than the same month the previous year. The annual rate of merchanting of dwellings increases 23.1%, as compared with January 2017. <a href=";cid=1254736171438&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576757" >More detailed information</a>14 March 18. Retail Trade Indices. RTI January 2018. The monthly change of the Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at 0.3% after adjusting the calendar and seasonal effects. The annual rate of the General Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at 2.2% in the adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects series and at 2.5% in the original serie. <a href=";cid=1254736176900&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576799" >More detailed information</a>13 March 18. Consumer Price Index. CPI February 2018. The annual change of the CPI for the month of February stands at 1.1%, five tenths more than the previous month. The annual change of core inflation increased eight tenths, reaching 1.1%. <a href=";cid=1254736176802&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>13 March 18. Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices. HICP Februaryu 2018. The annual change of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices stands at 1.2%, which increases five tenths in relation to the month of January. <a href=";cid=1254736176803&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>12 March 18. Mercantile Companies. MC January 2018. 9,406 mercantile companies were created in January, 5.8% more than in the same month of 2017, and 3,708 were dissolved, 6.9% more. The Autonomous Communities with the greatest business dynamism are Principado de Asturias (27.3%), Extremadura (23.0%) and Cantabria (21.9%). <a href=";cid=1254736177026&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576606" >More detailed information</a>12 March 18. Passenger Transport Statistics. PT January 2018. The number of passengers using public transport increases by 5,7% in January, as compared with the same month of the year 2017. City transport increases by 4.7% in the annual rate and inter-city transport increases 7.8%. <a href=";cid=1254736176906&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576820" >More detailed information</a>9 March 18. Harmonised Labour Cost Index. HLCI Fourth quarter 2017. After adjusting for calendar and seasonal effects, the quarterly variation of the cost per hour worked is 0.9%. The cost per hour worked increases 1.2% in the annual rate in the series adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects, and 1.6% in the original series. <a href=";cid=1254736053992&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976596" >More detailed information</a>9 March 18. Industrial Production Index. IPI January 2018. The monthly variation stands at -2.6%, after adjusting the seasonal and calendar effects. The annual rate of the Industrial Production Index stands at 1.2% in the series adjusted for the seasonal and calendar effects and at 4.0% in the original series. <a href=";cid=1254736145519&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576715" >More detailed information</a>8 March 18. Housing Price Index. HPI Fourth quarter 2017. The annual rate of the Housing Price Index increases five tenths and stands at 7.2%. The price of housing increases almost one point as compared with the previous quarter. <a href=";cid=1254736152838&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>7 March 18. Opinion module on the business environment 2017. According to their managers, the most important components for company growth capacity in the business environment have been the demand for their products, the macroeconomic environment and the taxation. Business managers also emphasise availability of finance for the Construction sector, payment default for Other Services and the Input costs for the Industry sector. <a href=";cid=1254736163552&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576550" >More detailed information</a>6 March 18. Foreclosure Statistics. FS Statistics. FS. Fourth quarter and year 2017. The registrations of certifications of foreclosures begun in the land register decreased 55.2% in its annual rate. 58.7% of foreclosures begun on dwellings correspond to mortgages set up between 2005 and 2008. <a href=";cid=1254736176993&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576757" >More detailed information</a>6 March 18. Short-Term Stock and Inventory Survey. ECSE Stock and Inventory Survey. ECSE. Fourth quarter 2017. The annual stock and inventory rate in the Trade sector rises by 5.8%. Within the fourth quarter, the highest annual rate was registered in November, with an increase of 6.1%. <a href=";cid=1254736176995&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576799" >More detailed information</a>5 March 18. Export and Import Price Indices for Industrial Products January 2018. The annual variation rate of the IPRIX stands at 1.0%, eight tenths lower than in November. The annual rate of the IPRIM is 0.1%, eight tenths lower than that registered in the previous month. <a href=";cid=1254736148943&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576715" >More detailed information</a>1 March 18. Quarterly National Spanish Accounts. QNSA Fourth quarter 2017. The Spanish economy registers a quarter-on-quarter increase of 0.7% in the fourth quarter of 2017. This rate coincides with the estimate for the third quarter of the same year. Year-on-year growth stands at 3.1%, the same rate as that registered in the previous quarter. <a href=";cid=1254736164439&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576581" >More detailed information</a>1 March 18. Tourist Movement on Borders. Frontur January 2017. In January, Spain receives 4.1 millions of international tourists, 5.2% more as compared with the same month in the previous year. <a href=";cid=1254736176996&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863" >More detailed information</a>1 March 18. Tourist Expenditure Survey. Egatur January 2018. The total expenditure of international tourists who visit Spain increases in January a 5.6% compared with the same month of the previous year. Average spending stands at 132 euros, 2.3% more than in January 2017. <a href=";cid=1254736177002&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863" >More detailed information</a>28 February 18. Book Publishing Activity Publishing Activity. 2016. In Spain 59,567 titles are published in 2016, that is, 2.4% less than in the previous year. The majority of the titles published corresponded to the subjects of Literature (35.8%), Social Sciences (14.8%) and Applied Sciences (13.4%). <a href=";cid=1254736176767&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735573113" >More detailed information</a>28 February 18. Non-Hotel Accommodation Occupancy. TAOS Accommodation Occupancy. TAOS. January 2018. Overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation increased 2.5% in Januaty as compared with the same month of previous year. <br/><a href=";cid=1254736176962&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">HDOS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176961&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">COS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176963&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">RTOS</a> - <a href=";cid=1254736176964&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576863">Hostels. HsOS</a>28 February 18. Mortgage Statistics. M Statistics. December and Year 2017. The number of mortgages constituted on dwellings recorded in land registries in December stands at 20,681. The average value of these mortgages increases by 2.6% in the annual rate, standing at 115,617 euros. <a href=";cid=1254736170236&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735576757" >More detailed information</a>27 February 18. Harmonized Consumer Price Index. HICP flash estimated flash estimated. February 2018. The annual change of the HICP flash estimate is 1.2%. <a href=";cid=1254736176803&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>27 February 18. Consumer Price Index. CPI flash estimated flash estimated. February 2018. The annual change of the flash estimate of the CPI stands at 1.1% in February, five tenths higher than that registered in January. <a href=";cid=1254736176802&amp;menu=ultiDatos&amp;idp=1254735976607" >More detailed information</a>