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Competitiveness Guarantee Index

As established in Act 2/2015, from 30 March, on the Deindexation of the Spanish Economy (BOE 31/03/2015), the INE is responsible for the calculation and monthly publication of the Competitiveness Guarantee Index (CGI).

This Index establishes a rate of review of prices consistent with the recovery of competitiveness in the Eurozone. This rate will be the same as that of the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) of the UEM minus a part of the loss of competitiveness accumulated by Spain since 1999. When the variation rate of this index stands below 0 per cent, this value will be taken as reference, which will equal the application of the rule of no revision. When the variation rate of this index surpasses the ECB short-term annual inflation objective (2 per cent), this value will be taken as reference. This way, we ensure that contracts to which this new index is applied contribute to guarantee the maintenance of short-term economic competitiveness.

Uptaded on 17th November 2017


Competitiveness Guarantee Index
Last period published Variation %
September 2016 to September 2017 -1.04

Variation of previous periods

Methodology of calculation

Publication calendar

Data reference month Date of publication
November 2016 19 January
December 2016 23 February
January 17 March
February 20 April
March 18 May
April 19 June
May 18 July
June 18 August
July 19 September
August 18 October
September 17 November
October 19 December
November 17 January 2018