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July 2011
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Basic Demographic Indicators 2010 Provisional data
Campsite Occupancy Survey 2010
Current population estimates based on the 2001 census 2002-2011 at 1st June 2011
Deaths according to Cause of Death 2009
Estimated migratory flows 2010
Hotel Occupancy Survey 2010
Indicators on water 2004-2009 Series
Residential Variation Statistics 2010
Rural Tourism Accommodation Occupancy Survey 2010
Survey on Centres and Services to Support for Homeless Persons 2010
Survey on the use of water in the agrarian sector 2009
Survey on water supply and sewerage 2009
Time Use Survey 2009-2010
Tourist Apartment Occupancy Survey 2010
Vital Statistics 2010 Provisional data