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February 2012
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Annual Trade Survey 2010
Bankruptcy proceedings statistics 2010
Basic Demographic Indicators 1st Q 2011 Provisional data
Basic Demographic Indicators 2010 Definitive data
Dishonoured Bills of Exchange 2010
Industrial Companies Survey 2010
List of municipalities and codes by provinces and autonomous communities At 1st January 2012
Mercantile Companies 2010
Mortgages Statistics 2010
Quarterly Spanish National Accounts 4th Q 2011
Spanish Regional Accounts 2008-2010 Series Provisional data
Statistic on Products in the Trade Sector 2010
Statistics on transfer of property rights 2010
Survey on Production Methods in Agricultural Operations 2009
Vital Statistics 1st Semester 2011 Provisional data
Vital Statistics 2010 Definitive data