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July 2014
Statistical Operation Period Notes Download
Annual Labour Cost Survey 2008-2013 Series Download
Business Confidence Indicators 3rd Q 2014 Download
EAPS. Economically Active Population Flows 2005-2nd Q 2014 Series Download
Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS). Annual Results 2006-2013 Series Census 2011 Download
Economically Active Population Survey (EAPS). Quarterly results 2nd Q 2014 Download
Elections to the European Parliament 25th May 2014 Download
Foreclosure Statistics 1st Q 2014 Download
Foreign Trade in Services Indices 1st Q 2014 Download
ICT Sector Indicators 2012 Download
Industrial Products Survey 2013 Download
Mercantile Companies 2013 Download
Statistics on transfer of property rights 2013 Download
Survey on Industry Expenditure on Environmental Protection 2012 Download
Wage decile of the main job 2006-2012 Series Census 2011 Download