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Total expenditure on activities of internal R&D must be disaggregated by source of the received funds for R&D, we distinguish between internal funds and external funds.
It entails those transfers of resources that an unit, organisation or sector has received from another unit, organisation or sector for the realisation of activities of internal R&D.
Two conditions must be met for this financial flow to be correctly identified:
- a direct transfer of resources must exist
- this transfer should be foreseen at the same time and truly be used for R&D activities.
The transaction may be in the form of a contract, financial assistance or a donation, and may consist of a monetary contribution or the contribution of other resources (for example, personnel or material).


The basic classification, by source of funds, is the following:
Sources of funding:
Internal funds
- Own funds or loans
External funds
- Business Enterprise sector
- Government sector
- Higher Education sector
- Private, Non-Profit Institutions sector
- Rest of the World sector
Distinguishing between transfer and exchange funds for external funds
Depending on each sector, a greater breakdown may be considered for this classification.


Statistics on R&D Activities in the Business Sector. Methodology


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