Concept selected: Dwelling


Structurally separate and independent building that, due to the way in which it was built, rebuilt, transformed or adapted, is conceived to be inhabited by persons, or even if was not initially conceived as such, constitutes the regular residence of one or more persons during the reference period of the Statistical Operation. As an exception, the following are not considered dwellings: those buildings that, despite having been initially conceived for human inhabitation, at the time of the Statistical Operation are totally dedicated to other purposes (for example, those that are being used solely as locales, such as a doctor's office or an attorney's office).


They are divided into: Family Dwellings and Group Dwellings. Family Dwellings are divided into Main-Conventional, Main-Non-conventional (Accommodation) and Non-main Dwellings.

Non-main Family Dwellings are divided into: Secondary Dwellings (occupied onl


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