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Territorial statistics / Help

This application enables you to visualise and compare a set of indicators by geographic region.
The query procedure is described below:

1. Select the group of indicators to query.

2. Select the territory or territories on which to make the query:

- Autonomous communities and provinces:click on the map area
or by selecting its name and clicking the tab"Add".

- Municipalities: simple query by entering a municipality name,
or advanced query by locating municipalities by means of the
autonomous community and province to which they belong.

You may select and combine any geographic region
(Autonomous communities, provinces, municipalities) in the same query.

Territories will be added to the basket that appears on the right
as you select them.

Click on the basket icon to modify your query.

3. Click on the tab "Go to results table" to obtain the result.

NOTE: Not all indicators can be obtained at municipal level.

Once you have obtained the query, you may view the indicators graphically
and download this query in Excel or PDF format.

4. On the initial screen, the "GeoTempus" tab enables querying these same indicators
for just one territorial level by means of navigating on Google Maps.