logo Censo 2001 HOME PAGE

Welcome to the home page including definitive data from the 1991 Population and Housing Censuses. This help section describes the elements you will find on the page.

You may use the following options on this screen:

Create tables: data of interest is presented via a report in the form of a statistical table after establishing  a selection of variables in rows and columns that you can arrange as you wish.

Tutorial: You will be able to follow the query process on these pages, step by step. You will be able to obtain information on all the possibilities the system provides.

Similarly, you can choose the language you are most comfortable with on the system.


To create a query of your choice you should specify the following aspects in this order:

-Search range.-Geographical level for which information is requested (national, for one or several autonomous communities, provinces or municipalities).

-Selection of the group.-Group for which the characteristics will be presented (persons, buildings, housing„)

-Selection of the subgroup:-Subgroups or groups of interest have been established for each group in order to provide improved information that is relevant for the study in question.


Specific help on this topic is available on another screen.