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Household Projection. 2020-2035

If the current trends are maintained, the number of households in Spain would grow by more than 1.1 million in the next 15 years. In 2035 there were would be more than 5.7 million one person households, which would represent 28.9% of the total.

Projected number of households by size
  Year 2020 Year 2035
Total households 18,692,279 19,796,040
Households with 1 person 4,829,600 5,712,291
Households with 2 persons 5,690,058 6,402,033
Households with 3 persons 3,848,456 3,646,082
Households with 4 persons 3,228,079 2,872,122
Households with 5 or more persons 1,096,086 1,163,512
Average size 2.51 2.41
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2020-2035 Published: 06/10/2020
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The Household projections provide a statistical simulation of the number of future households in Spain, of each Autonomous Community and province, provided that the currently observed demographic tendencies and social behaviours are maintained.

This information is provided every 2 years with a 15-year projection horizon and broken down by size of the household. The results are totally coherent with the Population projections.