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11 April 2024

Mercantile Companies Statistics (MC)

February 2024. Provisional data

Main results

  • The number of mercantile companies created increased by 7.9% in February compared to the same month in 2023.
  • The number of dissolved companies decreased by 5.9% compared with the same month in 2023.

More information

In February, 10,960 mercantile companies were incorporated, 7.9% more than in the same month in 2023. The subscribed capital for their incorporation recorded an annual increase of 53.1% and the average capital subscribed (48,172) increased by 41.9%.

In addition, 3,004 companies increased their capital, 3.9% more than in Febuary 2023. The subscribed capital in the increases rose by 33.8%.

The number of dissolved mercantile companies decreased by 5.9% in the annual rate. 84.9% of them did so voluntarily.

Mercantile companies created, increasing their capital and dissolved. February 2024

Results by main economic activity principal

18.4% of the mercantile companies incorporated in February were engaged in Trade and 17.1% were Property, financial and insurance companies. As for dissolved companies, 19.7% were engaged in Trade and 18.5% in Construction.

Mercantile companies created by main economic activity. February 2024


Mercantile companies dissolved by main economic activity. February 2024


The economic activity with the largest subscribed capital of mercantile companies incorporated was Real estate, financial and insurance, with 306.44 million euros. In turn, Administrative and support service activities recorded the lowest figure for capital, with €3.67 million.

Capital subscribed of mercantile companies created by main economic activity. February 2024

Thousands of euros

Results by Autonomous Community

Principado de Asturias (22.0%), Pais Vasco (20.4%) and Aragón (16.6%) recorded the highest rises in annual growth in the number of mercantile companies incorporated.

In turn, Comunidad Foral de Navarra (-29.3%), La Rioja (-21.6%) and Región de Murcia (-15.0%) recorded the largest decreases.

Annual variation in mercantile companies created by Autonomous Community. February 2024


Revision and updating of data

The data for 2024 are provisional and will be reviewed when the data for the same period next year are published. All results of this operation are available on INEbase.

Methodological note

The Mercantile Companies Statistics were created by Order of 30 April 1938. Their objective is to measure the demographics of companies, providing monthly information, at provincial and Autonomous Community level, on the companies incorporated, dissolved and those in which there have been changes in capital.

The source of information is the Central Mercantile Registry, which collects all provincial information on the registration of companies and entrepreneurs, as well as mercantile acts determined by law. 

Type of survey:
continuous monthly survey.
Population scope:
set of companies registered in the Central Mercantile Register.
Geographical scope:
the entire national territory, by Autonomous Communities and provinces.
Reference period of the results:
the calendar month.
Reference period of the information:
the calendar month.
Collection method:
official records.

More information on the methodology and the standardised methodological report.

INE statistics are produced in accordance with the Code of Good Practice for European Statistics. More information in Quality at the INE and Code of Best Practices.

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