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  1. Sub-elements 1 Enrollment rates by age in non-compulsory levels
  2. Sub-elements 2 Early abandonment of education-training
  3. Sub-elements 3 Young population who have completed the 2nd stage of secondary education in the EU.
  4. Sub-elements 4 Population aged 30 to 34 with high education in the EU
  5. Sub-elements 5 Women graduated in high education
  6. Sub-elements 6 Graduates by educational level. University Entrance Examinations. Students enrolled in university education
  7. Sub-elements 7 Graduates in Science, Mathematics and Technology
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      7.1 Graduate in sciences, mathematics and technology by period. Spain and EU-28 (% with respect to the total of graduates of each sex)
    2. Sub-elements Descarga ficheros Información tabla
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      7.2 Rate of graduates in science, mathematics, computer science, engineering, industry and construction in the EU by period (1,000 persons aged 20 to 29)
  8. Sub-elements 8 Labour Integration of University Graduates
  9. Sub-elements 9 Educational level of adult population (from 25 to 64 years)
  10. Sub-elements 10 Women in the faculty by education provided
  11. Sub-elements 11 Permanent and continuing education (population aged 25 to 64)
  12. Sub-elements 12 Cultural participation indicators

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