ITC sector indicators ICT Sector. Evolution 2008-2018

Number of companies in the ICT sector by branches of activity of the ICT sector and period.

Units:number of companies
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  • Notes
    • 1) Until the reference year 2012, the Industrial Companies Survey focused on industrial companies with at least one wage earner within Spain, excluding Ceuta and Melilla. From the reference year 2013 on, the survey widened its population and territorial scope, extending the coverage to industrial companies without wage earners and incorporating companies from Ceuta and Melilla
      For reference year 2016, several methodological improvements have been applied to the Structural Business Statistics, framed within the 'Project for the integration of structural economic surveys'. As a consequence of these changes, the results of that exercise are not strictly comparable to those of other years, as the evolution of the variables obeys not only to possible real changes produced in this period, but also to the effects of the methodological improvements on the estimation of said variables. This effect is more considerable for the variable number of companies in the Trade and Services Sectors, and relatively small for the rest of the information.

      For more details, please consult the specific document 'Measuring the effect of methodological changes in Structural Business Statistics 2016':

      Source: Structural Statistics of companies: Industrial Sector 2019 and Structural Statistics of companies: Services Sector 2019 (new names of the old Industrial Companies Survey and Annual Services Survey)

      ICT Sector: NCEA 2009: 2611, 2612, 2620, 2630, 2640, 2680, 4651, 4652, 5821, 5829, 6110, 6120, 6130, 6190, 6201, 6202, 6203, 6209, 6311, 6312, 9511, 9512

      '.' means data omitted due to lack of representation
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