National Statistics Institute

 Lector de texto Availability of future population evolution perspectives implies an element of structural relevance in any analysis or planning activity, which is why it is an objective traditionally fulfilled by the INE, which thus far had been satisfied with forecasts compiled from each Population Census.

Since 2009, the INE has been implementing a new strategy for periodically compiling Long-Term Population Projections, in response to the need to have a new current perspective on the possible future demographic reality, updated in accordance with the latest demographic evolution. Specifically, the aim is to simulate the effects on the future population of the demographic structure and the current demographic trends.

On the basis of this, Long-Term Population Projections will provide, on a three-yearly basis, a simulation of the population to reside in Spain, broken down in accordance with basic demographic features, in the next forty years, taking the Population Now Cast as of 1 January of the current year.

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