Guidelines for Final papers


  • Deadline for submission of Final papers: 30 April 2016
  • Papers are expected to be not less than 5 pages and not more than about 10 pages in length.
  • All text must be written in English.
  • Paper text must be in Microsoft word format. (.doc or docx).
  • Papers will be published on the conference website immediately after the congress.

Submit Final Paper


1. Length of Paper

  • Papers are expected to be not less than 5 pages and not more than about 10 pages in length. This is calculated in terms of the printed format, with 1.5 line spacing, and with the use of 12pts.
  • All text must be written in English.
  • Paper text must be in Microsoft word ( doc.or docx format) file.
  • The type font is Times New Roman, with the following sizes:
  • Title of paper: Please use 24pts.
  • Main text: Please use 12pts. Main headings should be bold, subheadings should be in Italics. Please use 1.5 lines, paragraph format line spacing 12 pts. Before, 0 pts. after
  • Abstract, footnotes, etc.Please use 10pts.

 2. Layout

  • Title: Please centre the title and the name, affiliation and email of the authors.
  • Abstract: The abstract should be centered and should give the visual image of a block (albeit without lines around it).
  • Numbering of Sections: Sections should be consecutively numbered by Arabic numerals (not by Roman numerals or Capital letters). Main sections should have 1 digit designations; subsections 2 digit (1.1, 1.2, etc.) All headings (section titles) should be flush left.

3. Equations, Figures and Tables

The equations should be centred, 6pt space above and below to the text. Equation numbers should be flush right. Please use Equation Editor to create displayed equations.

Figures and tables should be included directly in the files you submit. They should be at high resolution. All figures and tables must be numbered consecutively using Arabic numbers in bold type (e.g. Fig. 1, etc). The size of a figure/table should be commensurate with the amount and value of the information the figure has to convey. Do not assemble figures at the back of your paper, but place them as close as possible to where they are mentioned in the main text.

4. References
References and citations should follow the Harvard (Autor, date) System Convention. As example you may consider the citation (Jones, 2016). Besides that, all references should be cited in the text. No numbers with or without brackets should be used to cite or to list the references.Biemer P. and Lyberg L. (2003), Introduction to Survey Quality, J.Wiley, N.Y.Little, R. J. A. (1988), Missing-Data Adjustments in Large Surveys, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 6, pp. 287-296.


Guidelines for Presentations


  • We kindly ask all speakers to send their presentations to
  • The size per upload is limited with 20 MB
  • Accepted formats for oral presentation: Power Point and Prezi formats (flash file)
  • The presentations must be written in English
  • Deadline for upload: 16th of May 2016
  • Authors are expected to present their paper in person at the congress; in any other case the conference organizers should be informed as soon as possible


Slide Centre

  • At the conference venue a slide center area will be installed for your convenience. We kindly ask all chairs/speakers to check their slides there prior to presentation and/or in case of alterations (at least 1 hour ahead of your session). A team of technicians on site will help you with any question regarding your presentation.
  • Each presentation should not exceed 10-12 minutes (4 minutes in case of speed talk presentations). Keeping time limit is crucial since delegates are allowed to move from one session to another