Statistical yearbook

Latest one published: 2019

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This is a work of general statistical information which, since 1858, has reflected the most interesting aspects of socio-economic demographics of this country. It also contains international data. In order to show a broad spectrum of themes and of issues of general interest, data from different bodies have been used, although the greater part of the information originates from the INE.

The CD-Rom version incorporates more detailed information than the book, and makes it accessible by means of a simple software application that makes it possible to generate graphs and statistical maps, make calculations and export data to other programs.

  • Format:  Print (Contains CD-Rom)
  • Number of pages: 621
  • Publication date: 24-05-19
  • Price (including VAT):  41.42 €
  • Format: CD-Rom
  • Publication date: 24-05-19
  • Price (including VAT):  18.62 €