The INE has at its disposal a Library specialising in Statistics, which in addition owns a considerable catalogue including other subject areas such as Economy, Mathematics, Demography, Information technology, etc.

The library also exchanges statistical publications with other official Spanish institutions and with the statistical services offered by the Autonomous Communities, as well as with foreign statistical institutes and with the main international institutions. This makes it one of the most comprehensive libraries among those specialising in statistical issues.

Available collection

The library catalogue accommodates approximately 40,000 titles, of which 90% are monographies, 7% are serialised publications and 3% corrrespond to magazines. Moreover, the library has over 80,000 microfiches, including all those by the INE, as well as a host of others received from different bodies.

The collections that are accessible to the public for browsing are as follows:

- All INE publications (on microfiche), part of the printed publications and all the data available on the INE web site.

- Works with catalogue numbers corresponding to the following groups:

  • A. Economy
  • B. Statistics and Mathematics
  • C. Demography, History, Sociology, etc...
  • I.   Information technology

- Publications received over the last year from Spanish, foreign and international institutions.

- The last year of issues of the magazines on the stands located in the hall leading to the Library.

- The latest working documents received in our catalogue.