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Announcement of Awards

In recognition of the noteworthy progress of Spanish Official Statistics, and in its encouragement of research and cooperation between the academic world of Statistics and that of Official Statistics, the INE is promoting the creation of the Official Statistics Awards, known as the INE Awards, Eduardo García España, in memory of this eminent statistician, one of whose most important projects was the design of the General Population Survey, which served as the basis and reference for all INE population surveys.

Order EHA/3404/2011, of 18 November, establishing the basic regulations for the Official Statistics Awards INE Awards, in honour of Eduardo García España

2019 Award

Announcement of the 2019 Awards: National Statistics Institute Resolution, of 20 May 2019, announcing the 2019 Official Statistics Award INE Awards, in honour of Eduardo García España

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2016 Award

2015 Award

2013 Award

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