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The purpose of this section is to notify users of innovations regarding the projects for statistical operations that are in a preparatory phase, and regarding the methodological changes that might affect the operations performed by the INE. This also includes those activities that the INE carries out in order to provide the necessary infrastructure to statistical production or in order to meet the requirements set out in national and international regulations.

Experimental statistics

Household income distribution map

Objective: construction of statistical indicators of the level and distribution of household income at the municipal and inframunicipal levels from the link between INE's information and tax data, primarily from the AEAT but also from information from the Autonomous Treasuries.

Date of diffusion: September 2019.

Technical project

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Projects for new statistical operations

Census 2021

Objective: Know the number of people, homes and existing households, as well as their main characteristics, with a very detailed geographical level.

Date of diffusion: The first results will be published from the end of the year 2021.

Technical project

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Estadística piloto sobre movilidad a partir del posicionamiento de teléfonos móviles (Censos 2021)

Objetivo: evaluar la posibilidad de obtener matrices de movilidad a partir de información agregada del posicionamiento de los teléfonos móviles.

Fecha de difusión: Los primeros resultados pueden estar disponibles como estadística experimental en el primer semestre de 2020.


Indicators of the Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Objective: constitute a framework of statistical indicators and data series that serves to follow the Objectives and Goals of the Agenda 2030 in Spain.

Date of difussion: December 2019 (indicators produced by the INE) and second semester of 2019 (indicators produced by ministerial departments).

Technical project


Projects for improvement or changes in statistical operations

Organization and duration of the working day. Module of the Labour Force Survey (INE)

Objective: collect information about the flexibility of work schedules, about the organization and methods of work and about the place where the tasks are developed. Each one of these objectives constitutes a sub-module..

Date of difussion: 2020

Technical project

Module about the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Life Conditions Survey (INE)

Objective: The inclusion of a module on the intergenerational transmission of poverty will allow the evaluation of its variables for a future reform of the ECV in which a rotating module on this subject will be included every 6 years.

Date of diffusion: 2020

Technical project

Survey on the Transition from Education/Training to Labour Market Insertion

Objective: study for each of the groups investigated, the subsequent educational trajectory and the labor insertion process in relation to the studies carried out, as well as the transitions between study and work.

Date of difusion: first semester of 2020

Technical project

Statistical review of the National and Regional Accounts of Spain

Objective: update the statistical sources and estimation methods used for the compilation of the national accounts in a way that guarantees the timeliness, acuracy and punctuality of the same.

Date of diffusion: from September 2019

Technical project


Improvement projects for production and dissemination processes

Modification in the statistical definition of an Unit Enterprise

Objective: By agreement of the European Statistical System (ESS), from the data with reference to the year 2018, the Statistical Exploitation of the Central Companies Directory (CCD), theHarmonised Demographics of Companies and the Structural Business Statistics will establish a new practical application of the statistical concept of Enterprise.

Date of diffusion: variable according to the indicator

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