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The Spanish Journal of Statistics (SJS) is the official journal of the National Statistics Institute of Spain (INE). The journal replaces Estadística Española, edited and published in Spanish by the INE for more than 60 years, which has long been highly influential in the Spanish scientific community.

The journal seeks papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications, but the practical implications of methodological aspects are also welcome. The levels of innovation and impact are crucial in the papers published in SJS.

SJS aims to publish original sound papers on either well-established or emerging areas in the scope of the journal. The objective of papers should be to contribute to the understanding of official statistics and statistical methodology and/or to develop and improve statistical methods; any mathematical theory should be directed towards these aims. Within these parameters, the kinds of contribution considered include:

  • Official Statistics.
  • Theory and methods.
  • Computation and simulation studies that develop an original methodology.
  • Critical evaluations and new applications
  • Development, evaluation, review, and validation of statistical software and algorithms.
  • Reviews of methodological techniques.
  • Letters to the editor.

One volume is published annually in two issues, but special issues covering up-to-date challenging topics may occasionally be published.