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Spanish Journal of Statistics (SJS)

The Spanish Journal of Statistics (SJS) is the official journal of the National Statistics Institute of Spain (INE). The journal replaces Estadística Española, edited and published in Spanish by the INE for more than 60 years, which has long been highly influential in the Spanish scientific community.

The journal seeks papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications, but the practical implications of methodological aspects are also welcome. The levels of innovation and impact are crucial in the papers published in SJS.

Issue 5. 2023

 Full issue DOI:

Presentation of Volume 5, 1, 2023

José María Sarabia

DOI:   Nº SJS/005

Speech at the National Statistics. Award 2022 Ceremony

Enrique Castillo

DOI:   Nº SJS/005

Applying and Testing Benford’s Law Are Not the Same

William M. Goodman

DOI:   Nº SJS/005

A generalization of the transmuted Rayleigh distribution

Hugo S. Salinas, Guillermo Martínez-Flórez, Yuri A. Iriarte, Artur J. Lemonte

DOI:   Nº SJS/005

Audit sampling as a quality standard for multisource official statistics

Li-Chun Zhang

DOI:   Nº SJS/005