The INE has a personalised user assistance service, with a specialist team there to resolve queries regarding statistical information and other services provided by the INE. Should you wish to make an enquiry, we can be contacted in a number of ways: in person at one of our centres, by telephone or fax, by email or by post.

Consult addresses, phone numbers and fax

In addition to the information contained in the online publications and databases, the INE is able to provide data to order. By means our files, we are able to make special tabulations in accordance with users' requirements. If the information being sought is not available with the requisite breakdown, or a combination of variables other than that published is required, you can contact User Services where specialist staff will advise you on the viability of your request.

Data compiled to order has two important limitations:

  1. Statistical secrecy, since data which enables identification, directly or indirectly, of a citizen or specific institution, may not be provided to public or private institutions.
  2. Representation of obtained data when this is from sample research.