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Following a mandate considered in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS), revised in 2006, Eurostat coordinates the actions of a working group, in which the INE participates, in charge of the compilation of a system of indicators that serves as a support to regularly evaluate the implementation of the EU SDS.

This is a list of indicators aimed at policies, structurally organised in a hierarchical and pyramidal way into topics and subtopics, adapted to the priorities established by the EU SDS, as well as to the international commitments made by the EU in the area of sustainable development.

The indicators are obtained for each Member State as the synthesis of national statistics supplied to the European Statistical System.

This publication describes the system of indicators of the EU SDS, for the better comprehension of the theoretical framework in which they are defined. Likewise, the latest results are presented, emphasizing the data corresponding to Spain, for the purpose of highlighting the relative role of our country within the whole of the Member States as regards the objectives of the EU SDS.

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