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Harmonised Labour Cost Index. Second Quarter 2023

After adjusting for calendar and seasonal effects, the quarterly variation of the cost per hour worked is 1.5%. The cost per hour worked increase 5.6% in the annual rate in the series adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects, and 6.5% in the original series.

Labour cost per hour worked - Quarter 2/2023
Indicator Note Index Variation
General Index 107.675 6.5
Adjusted index 1 107.730 5.6
  • Variation as compared to the same quarter of the previous year
    • Seasonal and calendar effect adjusted data
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Quarter 2/2023 Published: 08/09/2023

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The Harmonised Labour Cost Index (ICLA) It is a continuous statistical operation on a quarterly basis whose objective is to provide a common and comparable measure of the labor cost per hour worked for the entire European Union, which allows monitoring the evolution of said labor cost.

Indices are provided based on 2016 of the total labor cost, wages and salaries and other net costs of subsidies received for the use of the work factor (includes social contributions paid by employers and non-salary perceptions). The total labor cost index is also provided, excluding extraordinary payments and arrears.