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Annual Labour Cost Survey. ALCS. Year 2018

The total cost per worker, in gross terms, is 31,085.76 euros during the year 2018, for a 1.1% increase over the previous year.

Annual labour cost per worker - Year 2018
Indicator Note Value Variation
TOTAL 30,883.44 1.1
Industry 37,235.53 0.9
Construction 31,358.75 1.4
Services 29,699.14 1.2
  • Net cost, without subsidies or deductions received from the Public Administrations
    Value: euros. Variation: Percentage over the previous year
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Year 2018 Published: 24/07/2019

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Did you know...?

The Annual Labour Cost Survey (EACL) is an annual statistical operation that completes the results obtained in the Quarterly Labour Cost Survey (ETCL) offering an annual perspective of the same. Its main objective is to know the annual levels of the average labor cost per worker, detailing its main components.

The EACL obtains estimates of labor cost by Autonomous Community, economic activity according to the CNAE-09 classification and unit sizes.