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Energy Consumption Survey. Year 2021

Energy consumption of mining and quarrying industries increased by 27.0% in 2021 compared to 2019. The branches of activity with the highest consumption were metallurgy, the food industry and the chemical industry. The main energy product used is electricity, with 62.4% of the total consumption for the sector.

Energy Consumption Survey - Year 2021
Indicator Note Value Variation
Energy consumption by industrial companies 14,254,170 27.0
  • Value in thousands euros. Percentage variation as compared to the previous period (biennial survey)
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Year 2021 Published: 27/06/2023
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The Energy Consumption Survey is a biennial statistical investigation whose objective is to obtain information on the different types of fuels used by industrial companies.

The survey covers the extractive and manufacturing industries. The target population of the study is the group of companies with 20 or more wage earners, and whose main activity is included in Sections B and C of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE-2009).