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Inward FATS in Spain. Year 2018

Affiliates of foreign companies invoiced a total of 553,850 million euros and employed 1,660,033 persons in 2018.

Indicators by branch of activity - Year 2018
Indicator Note Industry Trade Services
Number of affiliates 1,935 3,642 4,164
Employed persons 529,274 411,418 719,341
Turnover 1 268,150 186,220 99,480
  • Millions of euros
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Year 2018 Published: 30/09/2020
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The Inward FATS main objective is to provide annual information on the main economic characteristics and indicators that determine the structure and activity of subsidiaries of foreign companies resident in Spain, both in the industrial sector and in the non-financial services sector, so that the information needs on the subject, both national and international.

Information is provided on the main variables disaggregated both by activity, size or Autonomous Community of the subsidiary company, as well as by country or geographical area of ¿¿the parent company (ultimate owner). Additional data are also provided regarding the percentage that the results of the subsidiaries of foreign companies represent in relation to the total number of companies.