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Harmonized Business Demographics. Year 2018

3,682,313 enterprises were active in Spain in 2018. 376,785 enterprises were created in 2018 whereas 292,912 disappeared, meaning a growth net rate of 2.3%.

Stock, births and death of companies by economic sector - Year 2018
Indicator Note Stock of companies Births rate (%) Deaths rate (%)
Total sectors 3,682,313 10.2 8.0
Industry 214,101 6.1 5.8
Construction 466,777 10.3 7.9
Commerce 823,045 8.9 8.9
Rest of services 2,178,390 11.1 7.8
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Year 2018 Published: 20/11/2020
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The Harmonised Business Demography aim at providing aggregate information regarding the population of companies established in the national territory, considering aspects linked to business dynamism, and applying a methodology agreed on within the scope of the European Union. This methodology enables the development of indicators regarding the stock, creation, closure and survival of companies, through harmonised statistical mining of the Company Directories managed in Statistics Offices.