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Outward FATS. Year 2017

Affiliates of Spanish companies abroad generate turnover reaching 203,107 million euros, employing 771,103 persons in 2017.

Indicators by branch of activity - Year 2017
Indicator Note Industry Construction Trade Services
Number of affiliates 1,353 1,029 1,636 2,304
Employed persons 194,435 79,450 188,332 308,886
Turnover 1 72,347 19,249 50,942 60,569
  • Millions of euros
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Year 2017 Published: 27/09/2019
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Did you know...?

The Statistics on Affiliates of Spanish Companies Abroad (FILEXT) has the fundamental objective of providing annual information on the main variables that determine the structure and activity of the subsidiaries abroad, ultimately controlled by Spanish parent companies, both in the industrial sector and in construction, trade and other services of non-financial market.

Information is provided on the main variables disaggregated by activity, size and country or geographical area of ¿¿the subsidiary company.

The results of this statistic are prepared based on administrative information from the Foreign Investment Registry of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This Ministry supplies the primary data to the INE by virtue of a collaboration agreement between both organizations.