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Spanish Regional Accounts. SRA. First estimate year 2019

Comunidad Foral de Navarra is the Autonomous Community registering the greatest increase of its GDP in terms of volume (2.8%) in 2019, followed by Comunidad de Madrid (2.5%) and Comunitat Valenciana (2.3%).

Gross domestic product per capita. Year 2019
  Note Value Annual variation
Total National   26,438 2.8
Andalucía   19,658 2.9
Aragón   28,993 3.0
Asturias, Principado de   23,455 2.9
Balears, Illes   28,143 1.7
Canarias   21,265 1.8
Cantabria   24,556 3.4
Castilla y León   24,758 3.0
Castilla - La Mancha   20,876 2.5
Cataluña   31,110 2.2
Comunitat Valenciana   23,094 3.0
Extremadura   19.432 3,5
Galicia   24,034 3.7
Madrid, Comunidad de   35,876 2.4
Murcia, Región de   21,853 2.7
Navarra, Comunidad Foral de   32,692 4.2
País Vasco   34,273 3.2
Rioja, La   27,942 2.6
Ceuta   20,781 3.3
Melilla   19,073 2.9
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Year 2019 Published: 27/07/2020
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Did you know...?

The Spanish Regional Accounts (SRA) is a statistical operation that the INE has been carrying out since 1980 and whose main objective is to provide a quantified, systematic and as complete a description as possible of the regional economic activity in Spain (Autonomous Communities and provinces), during the considered reference period.

This information allows the analysis and evaluation of the structure and development of the regional economies and serves as a statistical base for the design, execution and monitoring of regional policies.

The regional accounts are a specification of the national accounts; that is, the Spanish National Accounts (SNA) are the conceptual and quantitative framework in which the SRA is integrated.