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Tourism Satellite Account of Spain. Year 2021

Tourism activity reached 97,126 million euros in 2021, 8.0% of GDP, which was 2.2 points more than in 2020. The characteristic branches of tourism generated 2.27 million jobs, 11.4 % of total employment.

Contribution of tourism to the Spanish economy - Year 2021
Indicator Note Value Porcentaje sobre el total
Contribution to GDP (millions of euros) 97,126 8.0
Contribution to total employment (millions of jobs) 2.27 11.4
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Year 2021 Published: 22/12/2022
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The Spanish Tourism Satellite Account (STSA) is a summary statistic composed of a set of accounts and tables, based on the methodological principles of national accounts and presenting the different economic parameters of tourism in Spain, for a given reference date. The current base is 2010.

It essentially consists of three types of components:

  • - Supply accounts and tables, in which an attempt is made to characterise the production and cost structures of tourism companies.
  • - Demand tables which intend to characterise, from an economic point of view, the different types of tourists, national tourism compared with international, the types of goods and services demanded, etc.
  • - Tables that interrelate supply and demand, which facilitates obtaining some integrated measurements of the contribution of tourism to the economy via variables such as GDP, production or employment.