• Type of survey: continuous on an annual basis
  • Population scope: companies, public organisations, universities and higher education centers and private non-profit institutions carrying out R activities
  • Geographical scope: the entire national territory
  • Reference period of the results: the year before that of data collection
  • Reference period of the information: for expenditure, the calendar year; for staff, the annual average and full-time equivalence (persons/year)
  • Sample size: 45,000 companies , 537 public administration centres (includes public hospitals), 83 universities, 120 higher education centres y 116 private non-profit institutions.
  • Type of sampling: comprehensive for units within the directory and random sampling for companies not included
  • Collection method: mixed system with mailings and participation of interviewers

Methodology documents, questionnaires, classifications...

  • Methodology:  


    • Enterprises  
    • Health  
    • Government  
    • Higher Education  
    • Private non profit Institutions