• Type of survey: continuous annual until 2019 and biennial from 2020.
  • Population scope: agricultural, industrial, construction and services companies with 10 or more employees, whose main economic activity corresponds to sections A to N, P (excluding branch 854), Q, R, and S (excluding branch 94) of CNAE-2009.
  • Geographical scope: the entire national territory.
  • Reference period: in general, it is the year before that in which the survey was conducted, although the variables related to the innovations implemented by the company refer to the three-year period preceding the year in which the survey was carried out, in order to facilitate international comparability.
  • Sample size: more than 40,000 companies.
  • Collection method: mixed system that includes Internet collection (CAWI) and by mail with significant telephone support from interviewers.

Methodology documents, questionnaires, classifications...

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