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Innovation in Companies Survey. Year 2020

Expenditure on innovative activities decreased by 11.9% in 2020 and stood at 17,074 million euros. 22,6% of Spanish enterprises were innovative in the period 2018-2020.

Expenditure in technological innovation and innovative companies - Year 2020
Indicator Note Value
Technological innovation expenditure 1 17,074,397
Porcentaje de empresas innovadoras 22.6
Porcentaje de empresas con innovaciones de producto 12.6
Porcentaje de empresas con innovaciones de procesos de negocio 19.9
  • Definición según Manual de Oslo de 2018
    • Thousands of euros
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Year 2020 Published: 22/12/2021
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The main objective of the Community Innovation Survey in Enterprises is to provide direct information on the innovation process in enterprises, developing indicators that allow to ascertain the different aspects of this process (economical impact, innovative activities, cost...). As well as providing rich and varied information on the technological innovation process, this study may serve as the base framework for diverse specific studies on other aspects related to science and technology (such as the use of cutting-edge technology in manufacture, technological payments and incomes, studies about patents, etc.).

En la Encuesta de Innovación correspondiente al año 2018 se produce una ruptura de la serie debido al cambio metodológico de la nueva versión del Manual de Oslo. Por ese motivo, los datos no son comparables con los publicados correspondientes a años anteriores.