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Private Education Financing and Expenditure Statistic. Curso 2014-2015

Public Administration contributed 54.2% of the current income in non-university private education and 69.2% in subsidised centres. The current expenditure per student was 3,843 euros in subsidised non-university centres, 4,655 euros in non-subsidised centres and 5,300 euros in university.

Income and expenses per student in the private education - Course 2014/2015
Indicator Note Non-university: value Non-university: variation Universitary: value Universitary: variation
Current expenses 3,993 2.4 5,300 12.5
Payments made by households 1,770 14.9 5,411 12.8
Public subsidies 2,244 -6.9 226 -37.6
Current operating result 145 -27.5 616 -16.6
  • Value in euros. Percentage variation with respect to the course 2009-2010
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Course 2014/2015 Published: 29/11/2017
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The main objective of the Private education financing and expenditure survey is to study the structural and economic characteristics of schools that operate in the regulated private education sector, offering information at both the national and regional level.

The information obtained should comply with a set of basic requirements, such as being comparable on an international scale, covering the necessities of information demanded by different users, both national and international, and being a useful instrument for National Accounts.