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Hospital Morbidity Survey. Year 2020

In 2020, the number of hospital discharges decreases 12.7%. Diseases of the respiratory system were the main cause of hospitalization (12.4% of the total). The average stay increased by 7.4%, reaching 8.7 days in 2020.

Hospital morbidity - Year 2020
Indicator Note Number Annual change
Hospital discharges 4,253,183 -12.7
Average stay Number of days 8.98 -13.2
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Year 2020 Published: 27/04/2022
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The Hospital morbidity survey is an investigation that is produced yearly and which has been conducted since 1977.

It provides information on hospital discharges with hospitalisation based on the main diagnosis associated with the discharge. The main objective is to know the demographic and health characteristics of patients who have been admitted to a hospital, as well as to have information at the national, Autonomous Community and province level on the frequency and use of hospital resources in the reference year.